Paineiras Visitor Center, the treasure 10 minutes from Christ the Redeemer

On July 28, 2016, the former Hotel das Paineiras was transformed into the Paineiras Visitor Center, a place with a restaurant, snack bars, souvenir shop, and interactive exhibition, considered a must-visit for those who visit Christ the Redeemer.


The construction of the old hotel was inaugurated by Emperor Dom Pedro II in 1884, before Christ the Redeemer, and has hosted illustrious guests such as Presidents Washington Luís, Getúlio Vargas, Café Filho, and Sarah Bernhardt. In addition, in 1962, it served as the gathering place for the Brazilian national soccer team, hosting icons like Pelé and Garrincha. In 2016, it was revitalized and became the Visitor Center, an important tourist attraction in Rio.

Located on Estrada das Paineiras, in the middle of the Tijuca Forest, the Center is a true reunion with nature and an incredible opportunity to make your visit to Christ the Redeemer unforgettable.

With Paineiras-Corcovado’s official vans, the stop at the Visitor Center is already included!



The Paineiras Visitor Center features a completely interactive permanent exhibition with the purpose of showcasing the history of the Tijuca National Park through models, interactive projections, and ecosystem simulations.

The operation hours of this exhibition should be checked at the Paineiras Stores.


The charm of the Paineiras Visitor Center is not only in the numerous beauties found there, but visitors can also enjoy a gastronomic delight with the famous view of the city of Rio de Janeiro in the background.



How about ensuring a souvenir of this unforgettable journey?

In the Paineiras Visitor Center store, you can choose from a huge variety of products ranging from shirts, bags, and caps to the perfect ornament for your living room.

Nothing beats a memento of the great memories you’ll build here, right?


The Tijuca Forest is not only the most visited in the country but also the largest urban forest in the world, becoming not only a symbol of Rio de Janeiro but also of Brazil.

It’s an incredible opportunity to visit such a beautiful park so close to a metropolis like Rio de Janeiro. Get your ticket now and live this transformative experience.