Tijuca Forest, one of the most famous and diverse forests in Brazil

Tijuca National Park is divided into four sectors: Tijuca Forest, Carioca Ridge, Pedra Bonita/Pedra da Gávea, and Pretos Forros/Covanca. We at Paineiras-Corcovado are located in the Tijuca Forest sector, in the midst of the world's largest replanted urban forest!


Due to its 120 square kilometers of trees, the Park was designated a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1991.

In the heart of the Atlantic Forest, the Park is a biodiversity hotspot, with approximately 1,619 plant species and over 320 animal species. However, a significant portion of these species is threatened with extinction.

A visit to the Paineiras Visitor Center is an immersion into this green paradise in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. A true reunion with nature.



The Tijuca Forest is not only the most visited in the country but also the largest urban forest in the world, becoming not only a symbol of Rio de Janeiro but also of Brazil.

It’s an incredible opportunity to visit such a beautiful park so close to a metropolis like Rio de Janeiro. Get your ticket now and live this transformative experience.