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A tour with Paineiras-Corcovado guarantees an unforgettable day for you and your family! During your visit with our official van service, you will explore the Paineiras Visitors Center and the Christ the Redeemer statue with safety and comfort.

All of this, in addition to a genuine reunion with nature in the heart of the Tijuca National Park!

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Cataratas Group is the largest tourism concessionaire in Brazil, responsible for managing and operating experiences in parks and tourist attractions throughout the country. In addition to Paineiras-Corcovado, the following are part of this story: Iguazu Falls, Three Borders Landmark, Eco Noronha, AquaRio, and BioParque do Rio.

We believe in positive impact as a legacy. Always thinking about the environment and sustainable actions, we are constantly evolving to make your visit to our parks an unforgettable moment.

In 2020, we once again achieved Great Place to Work certification. This means that through the environment we create for each ambassador – affectionately as we call our employees – we can bring smiles and provoke change.

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The Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation is a special regime autarchy. It is responsible for conducting research programs aimed at the protection and conservation of Brazilian biodiversity and regulating Federal Conservation Units.

For this reason, the Tijuca National Park, as a conservation unit, receives all this care from ICMBio.

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